Birdblood's Digital Art comms

Commission status: Open
Hello! I am a young furry (and humanoid) artist who has been drawing seriously for around 6 years now. I do commissions for all sorts of things, such as a simple headshot or a custom design. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram (@Birdsbloodart) or Discord if you are interested in a commission!

I am currently not doing complex backgrounds since I feel as if I need to practice more before I sell them.
Please read my TOS before ordering (at the bottom of the page)


Headshot - £15
Just the head and neck of you character, good for profile pictures!
Comes fully shaded at no extra cost.
Complex background - +£5
Add character - +£10

Hips up - £25
From the hips to the head, shows off your character nicely!
Add character - +£20
Complex background - +£8

Fullbody/one sided reference sheet/custom design - £35
The whole body of your character doing whatever you want it to do! Can also be a one sided reference sheet or custom design for future commissions.
Add character - +£25
Complex background - +£10

2 sided reference sheet - £42
Want your character's colours to be more accessible for yourself and others to draw? This is the thing for you.
Addons are free, I do offer shading but I suggest to not take that offer as it can confuse an artist with patterns.
Complex background - +£10

3/4 sided reference sheet - £50
(4th side free)
3/4 sided reference sheets are the best at giving your future art the highest accuracy. The 4th side is more for asymmetrical designs.
Complex background - +£10

Terms of Service
Must read before ordering

>All payments made with Paypal or Cashapp, I will not sell art to people under the age of 13
>I require some sort of reference with clear colours and markings (preferably no shading, high resolution please). This would make it much easier for me to be as accurate as possible
>I have the right to cancel a commission if you are rude or you character makes me uncomfortable
>I can post your commission on social media without having to ask you (unless you explicitly tell me not to for it being a gift etc)
>Do not ask me to copy another artist's style
>Must give full credit if you post your art commission anywhere
>Major lineart edits will not be given after the client has approved the finished product
>No refunds given unless I haven't started it yet or if I offer one because of personal reasons
>Paid upfront in full, I will not start your drawing until I have been paid
>I will not draw any copyrighted characters (e.g. Spyro) but I can draw any OC's based from games

Will draw:
Human (not the best)
Heavy gore

Will not draw:
NSFW (includes artistic nudity)
Anything that promotes hate
Fetish art (e.g. feet, vore)
Vent art (Does not include past scarring)
Drug use

Weaknesses: Armour, Buildings, Perspective angles