Birdblood's Digital Art
Commissions: OPEN
Trades: OPEN

Hello! I am a young furry (and humanoid) artist who has been drawing seriously for around 6 years now. I do commissions for all sorts of things, such as a simple headshot or a fully shaded piece.Please read my TOS before ordering


Head to shoulders.
I enjoy drawing maws a lot but I can draw other expressions!
Sketch: $5
Lineart: $10
Flat colour: $15
Fully shaded: $20
Add character: +50%

Physical badge
A fully shaded badge of your desired character shipped to you physically!
Shipping is not included in the price.
Bust: $35
Waist up: $45
Fullbody: $55

Waist up
Head to hips
Sketch: $8
Lineart: $20
Flat colour: $25
Fully shaded: $30
Add character: +50%

Head to toes. Can included a mini background/prop at no extra cost
(EXAMPLES ARE OLD, see customs for newer anatomy)
Sketch: $10
Lineart: $30
Flat colour: $35
Fully shaded: $40
Add character: +50%

A personalised custom character design specially made for you on unique lineart.
Can do any open species and my personal closed species Akirrs.
$30 for an Akirr (Status: closed)
$40 for general
For larger refs, prices correlate with reference sheet pricing. ($10 off for Akirrs)

Box chibi
A simpler, plumper artstyle of your character in a 1200x1200 box; great for Toyhouse icons or pagedolls.
Fully shaded: $20

Reference sheets
Used to show off your characters patterns and colours for future art. Addons are included in the price. I do not do shading for reference sheets
One side: $40
Two sides: $60
Three sides: $75

Read before ordering

Terms of Service
Must read before ordering

>All payments made with Paypal only, I will not sell art to people under the age of 13.>I require some sort of reference with clear colours and markings (preferably no shading, high resolution please). This would make it much easier for me to be as accurate as possible. SFW or censored references only.>I have the right to cancel a commission if you are rude or your character/idea makes me uncomfortable.>I can post your commission on social media without having to ask you (unless you explicitly tell me not to for it being a gift etc).>Do not ask me to copy another artist's style.>Must give full credit if you post your art commission anywhere.>Major lineart edits will not be given after the client has approved the finished product.>No refunds given unless I haven't started it yet or if I offer one because of personal reasons.>Paid upfront in full, I will not start your drawing until I have been paid.>I will not draw any copyrighted characters (e.g. Spyro) but I can draw any OC's based from games/books.>Art is usually finished within 24 hours and will never take more than a week. I will notify you if something has come up where it will take more than that timeframe.>You do not have the right to use my art commercially.>If you want something edited (e.g. a colour or pattern, nothing major), feel free to ask me to do it for you.

Enjoy drawing the most

Will draw:
Heavy gore

Will not draw:
Vent art (Does not include scarring)
Drug use

Perspective angles

ART TRADING TOS> I will not send your finished piece until I have received your side. This is due to past experiences where I have had to wait many months for my art to be returned.> Please have it done within 2 months. If you feel you can't get it done within that timeframe, tell me.> If you find my character to be too challenging to draw, please tell me and I will send you another character.> All other TOS applies (minus the payment rules).